Camillocromo Swing Circus


Camillocromo Swing Circus


Gran Galà internazionale di circo contemporaneo

Swing Circus is a project that, since several years, joins circus artists around the Camillocromo (the musicians) to create a show of the taste of old european varieté. Swing Circus is show naturally variable composed of the band and a number of circus attractions to chose depending the ambitions of the event. Swing circus is interested to travel around the world with a show of circus and music, both of which are languages without frontieres. In 2010 Swing Circus was performed in Turkey
These are some of the artists who were presented in the version in Rome at Villa Pamphili.

Music: Camillocromo
Presentation Salvatore Frasca (presents in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian, number of hat juggling and acrobatic bycicle)
My!Laika: Elske van Gelder, Philine Dahlmann (hand to hand acrobatics), Eva Ordonez (extreme trapeze)
El Grito: Giacomo Costantini and Fabiana Ruiz (club swinging and beat box, acrobatics, guns, aerial tissue)
Clown: Romain Delavoipiere (acrobatics, clowning, acrobatic roller skates)
Excentric: Daniele Antonini (Soap bubbles and mime)

Each artist proposes a number of his own repertoir to the gala creating a complete show with a diversity of spectacular circus techniques.
A formation adapt to your ambitions or budget can be examined for the event

The material of the single artists is available on request. 

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